Santhigiri Ashram Premises

This is our pilot plot with Miyawaki method having about 100 square meter area, with dense plantation. 

Area : 100 Sq Meters

Planting completion : 01.04.2019

No. Of plants : 300

Govt. LP School, Chengottukonam, Thiruvananthapuram 

Area : 60Sq Meters

Planting completion : 06.06.2019

No. Of plants : 180


We faced two challenges during this task. 

  1. Selection of plants
  2. Collecting indigenous plants. 

Overcoming challenges

The above mentioned challenges were easily handled by using local resources such as seeking help from local taxonomists and knowledge from elderly.


Miyawaki model is the best tested and trusted afforestation method around the globe. It helps in maintaining greenery for decades in planted areas. Compared to other states, plant growth using Miyawaki method is very high. Maintenance is also cheap. We have carried out this method successfully in Kerala, with great achievement. The Peace Collective and the ashram in collaboration, are implementing this method in selected schools in all districts, free of cost.